Cold Water Soluble Film
Avalon is the trade name for a soluble film that washes away completely in cold water. If you haven’t come across or used a water soluble film before, Avalon is the original and has many uses.
This water soluble film is the original disappearing fabric. It is used in our industry as both a stabiliser to go underneath your fabric on the machine, a topper, to go on top of the fabric and as a medium for stitched sculptures.
The thin PVA film is the stabiliser of choice when you are embroidering garments or pieces where the reverse of the embroidery will be seen, for example towels or serviettes.  The film is used to stabilise the fabric when embroidering to reduce, uneven and skipped stitches and to prevent puckering.  When the embroidery is finished, rather than leaving stabiliser residue in the work, or cutting away to the stitch line, you can immerse or spray the Avalon film to make it disappear, making a neatly finished piece.
When used as a topper, the film is placed, as you would expect, over the top of the fabric you are to embroider.  A topper is used mainly on fabrics with a high pile, like velvet or towelling.  When used as a topper, the film provides an extra layer and prevents the stitches from disappearing into the pile, ensuring a better looking finish to the piece.
Sold in Half metre cuts